Is it time for AC maintenance service? Hiring our company is in your best interest! We are available in New York City, New York and the surrounding areas including Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and others. Moreover, we strive to provide expertly trained technicians as quickly as possible. So if you want your air conditioner to work like a charm, look no further! Just call us and book routine HVAC maintenance nearby at a day of your choice.

Remember that this kind of equipment needs regular technical support  – even if you don’t see any problems, tuning up and prophylactic procedures can save you a lot of money in future.

For your convenience, we work 24 hour 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us any time.

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Professional AC maintenance services include:

• Thermostat adjustment – this unit is responsible for temperature settings. So first things first, the technician will check your thermostat to make sure it’s installed properly and located at the right place. Should there be any problem, the pro will solve it in the best possible way.
• Check electrical connections – checking electrical connections is a crucial step of HVAC maintenance service. By tightening all wires and connections, the technician will eliminate the chance of further electrical hazards.
• Moving parts lubrication – over time, all moving parts start wearing. So, it’s all the better if you contact our AC maintenance company every now and then. By having all components lubricated on a regular basis, you will be able to prevent a good number of problems down the road.
• Air filters replacement – on-time filter replacement ensures a clean and fresh airflow. Even though you can easily change them yourself, a pro HVAC contractor can help you choose a better filter or filtration system for your existing unit. So, call Best New York Heating and AC Repair!
• Condensate drain line cleaning – when a drain line becomes clogged, this might lead to water leakages and other wetness issues. During the HVAC maintenance in NYC, the expert will clear the line from any mold and bacteria. This will ensure that your AC drains liquid condensate the right way.

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Central AC maintenance services have never been easier

Whether you want a residential or commercial HVAC maintenance, we are the best option you can find. We send certified technicians to check and adjust systems of all brands, models and sizes. What is more, we make sure that each contractor is well-equipped with all necessary parts and accessories. No matter what component proves to be broken, they have everything needed to replace it in one go.

We are the best option for home & commercial HVAC maintenance

When in need of AC maintenance nearby, think of the benefits you’ll get by hiring us. Not only will we provide you with the finest specialist but also do it in short order. And all this at a fairly cheap price! So, don’t think twice and call us to make an appointment. With our HVAC maintenance company by your side, your cooling system will work flawlessly at all times.

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