Are you looking for boiler repair NYC? We can help you with it! We are the best boiler service in New York and surrounding areas. We are providing not only boiler repair NYC, but also boiler installation NYC, NYC boiler replacement and all plumbing services connected to boiler. We are one of the best boiler companies NYC and for sure best in case of New York boiler repair, because only our company working not in many different fields as other plumbing services, but only in water heating field.  We providing New York boiler repair since 2002 and have many awards as the best water heater service in this state! If you searching for a specialists that can provide residential or even commercial installation of any boilers, our New York City boiler repair will surely fully satisfy you!

If your boiler started squirting with hot or cold water, do not panic and call us. Our emergency boiler repair team will arrive to your place in shortest possible time to provide qualitative and cheap repair of any leaks you can have. Anyway, if you looking for “boiler service near me”, call and get our support immediately. We can provide residential or commercial boiler installation. In commercial case, we can install special powerful boilers that can heat up to 30 l. of water per minute and can work with pressure up to 350 bars. We will install a special model with a centering ring to minimize all vibration. In case of residential installation, we can recommend you many different options. If you want to understand, which model is better for you and your house, call us and our specialist will answer this question free!

Boiler Service

Our company always buying new modern equipment for our technicians. For you it means that boiler maintenance will be much faster and will not lose quality. Our masters know, how important high level of provided work for you and will not calm down, until all work will be done with highest possible quality. If you will find something that will work wrong inside of your boiler after our repair or it will start leaking, we will send to your place other technician team, that will take care about your technology for free. We standing out between other boiler repair companies because we really carrying about every customers opinion and want to satisfy all of them. We are not only “boiler service near me”, we also true professionals and masters of our business. In our fixes, we are using best materials and details that we can find in the market. After our maintenance, it will work for minimum 5 years without any problems! All our staff is great technicians that will work in your building like a parts of one mechanism and will surely satisfy you with results. We are testing each our employee every years and they have 2 weeks of studying per year that keeping their qualification level high. They will be able to repair not only old tech, but also maintain and fix newest technologies, because they know principles of its work and will easily manage its service. We also have a professional manager that will answer any of questions you can ask him and consult you to help you check your water heater. He can solve some of problems via phone, every 5th call he is solving without sending masters to your place. He know what to do to reset your heater and he can teach you how to do it via phone.

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Boiler Installation

If you still have no boiler, we recommend you to use our professional support to install it. We will help you to choose best model for you and will provide qualitative installation next day after your call! We will arrive and provide two-step installation. First, we will install your heating technology to the right place and will test it. In second step, we will connect it to your water system and will test it again to make sure it is working properly and not leaking anywhere. Our experienced masters that can do all these jobs within 2 hours will provide these two easy steps! Our installation price is small, do not worry about it and feel free to hire us to provide it anytime!

Boiler Repair

Is your water heating system is leaking, stopped heating water at all or particular? We are the right team to choose for any kind of water heating technology repair! With more than 15 years of experience in this field, we will easily take care about your tech. Our team have special equipment that allow them to provide detections of broken details in your heater within half an hour! And of course, our masters will have all required instruments and new details for your tech. No matter for us, what kind of energy is your technology using, we will easily fix it in short time! Our master can also help you with maintenance of your heater. It will help you to predict all bad things can happen and will make it more energy-efficient. Our maintenance for sure will save your money if you will do it once per year.

Boiler Replacement

Sometimes old water heaters cannot be fixed, or price of its repair is too high. In this case we recommend to our customers use our replacement service. We will give you a discount on each replacement you will provide, so you will save some of your money with our company by providing this work! Our technicians will advise you a model that will work for a long time and will show you why your old heater stopped working and how to predict this problem in future.

Are you in need of an emergency boiler repair? Our company has got you covered! We serve residential, commercial and industrial clients in New York City, NY, and the surrounding areas. Whether you want a prompt boiler repair in Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island, you’ve got nothing to worry about! Just let us know what kind of problem is bothering you and we will take care of it without delay. Wherever you are, we will dispatch a fully equipped specialist there to tackle any electric or gas boiler service there and then!

Emergency boiler repair is only a call away!

There are many boiler service companies out there. However, it’s always best to choose the one you can put your trust in. Modern boilers are pretty innovative. Each of them comes along with a fair number of advanced bells and whistles on board. It’s no wonder that both a residential and commercial boiler repair requires a great deal of expertise and skills. But don’t worry! When turning to our company, you can expect to call out the best plumbing expert for any repair job. Moreover, all these technicians can also be of help with other local boiler services, such as maintenance and installation. So don’t hesitate and give us a call to get your hot water or steam boiler fixed or serviced right away!

We are up for various boiler service and repairs

There are many signs that indicate it’s time to call Best New York Heating and AC Repair for an electric or gas boiler diagnosis. Here are just a few of them to look out for:

  • Lack of heat or hot water
  • Pilot light keeps going out
  • Water leaking and dripping
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Improper boiler pressure
  • Odd whistling noises

Want to make an appointment?

If you have come across these or any other symptoms, make haste to contact us for a swift boiler repair in Queens, Brooklyn or Bronx.

Our company is indeed your best bet for 24 hour boiler service and repair nearby. So, dial our number if there is anything you need! Whether it’s about a basic inspection and repair or complete replacement with further setup, we would be happy to assist you. Just pick a convenient day and time and one of the best local contractors will be there to perform the required boiler service and repair in NYC or any other region the moment you need it!

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